A1 Assessor Qualification 


NVQ and competence-based qualifications (QCF) | Assessing and Assuring Quality

These new qualifications are designed to meet the emerging needs of the developing qualification frameworks. As well as being a requirement if you wish to assess or verify NVQs and other qualifications confirming occupational competence, these qualifications will be valuable to any staff involved in or responsible for assessing and quality-assuring all vocational and vocationally related achievement.

The qualifications contain knowledge units for each assessor and quality assurance role, which are available as one-unit Awards. These will be valuable if you need an understanding of these roles but are not yet in a position to practise because you have not yet started the role, or you are a manager responsible for assessors and verifiers but do not undertake these roles yourself. Additional units confirming competence can be taken at the same time as, or after, achieving the knowledge unit.

These qualifications are appropriate for all staff assessing and quality-assuring qualifications in the QCF, including staff assessing on non-NVQ or non-competence-based qualifications, ensuring that they meet agreed standards of assessment.

The Level 3 qualifications cover: 

  • Understanding the principles and practices of assessment
  • Assessing competence in the work environment
  • Assessing vocationally related achievement

The Level 4 qualifications cover:

  • Understanding quality assurance of assessment processes and practice
  • Quality assurance of assessment processes and practice
  • Leading quality assurance of assessment processes and practice.

There are qualifications for internal and external quality assurance.

 Qualification Structure

 Candidates must complete the mandatory unit as follows:


Unit A1 Assess learners using a range of methods

  • Develop plans for assessing competence with learners
  • Judge evidence against criteria to make assessment decisions
  • Provide feedback and support to learners on assessment decisions
  • Contribute to the internal quality assurance process


Assessment Method


Portfolio of evidence                                                          Course Fee ₤500



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