Course Overview


We at AICE have designed this and all of our training programmes to furnish you not only with the technical knowledge required for successful certification, but to provide the ‘hands-on’ practical experience necessary to become a proficient in your chosen area of expertise. Our courses are designed and developed by qualified IT professionals and as such we can capitalise on ‘real’ industry experience to ensure you gain the most from your training programme.




The CCNA® (Cisco® Certified Network Associate) is the first of 3 high level qualifications offered by Cisco® which is designed to provide the necessary skills and experience to implement, maintain and troubleshoot small to medium size routed networks.

The CCNA® consists of a single exam, which tests your theoretical knowledge such as network concepts, routing and switching and also includes live 'simulator' sessions to test your ability to configure Cisco® hardware devices.

This is a mandatory step in the journey to further Cisco® qualifications such as CCNP® (Cisco® Certified Network Professional) or the final CCIE® (Cisco® Certified Internet Engineer).


Study Modules


The course consists of two AICE authored study books covering the foundation elements and one main external study book covering the individual elements of the CCNA® programme. An additional study book is also supplied which is used as reference and contains Network Simulator software, which simulates a real routing and switching environment, is supplied with the study programme.


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Virtual Training System

We have our own learning and management system called the Virtual Training Centre or VTC which comprises an on-line learning system that delivers interactive learning resources via any Internet connection. From here students can access elements of their training to support and reinforce the topics covered in the study books. The areas available are: -

Video Tutorial Presentations

Self Assessment online tests

Training Forum specific to learning area

Chat room specific to learning area


Configurable personal details

Online progress checking to enable you to monitor your own progress through the course

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We offer full support for all programme routes comprising e-mail support to a tutor with a maximum 3 day response to all learning queries, tutor initiated telephone support if query response requires it and VTC help elements of forum, chat room and FAQs.

Course Duration

On-Site or Distance Learning : 120 Hours

In-Centre Attendance

In-centre attendance is available on this programme. This comprises theory ‘Tutorial’ based evening sessions to help improve your knowledge and understanding.

Hardware and Software

Network Simulator software is included with the course. A PC running the Windows® operating system is required.

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