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Course Title   Fee    
A National Emergency, “Patient Safety”   £439.00 (GBP)    
Anatomy and Physiology   £213.00 (GBP)    
Anatomy and Physiology-Advanced   £238.00 (GBP)    
Anger and Aggression Management   £133.00 (GBP)    
Animal Care   £260.00 (GBP)    
Aromatherapy   £362.00 (GBP)    
Beauty Make-up Professional   £238.00 (GBP)    
Beauty Salon Management   £238.00 (GBP)    
Beauty Therapist   £285.00 (GBP)    
Born Too Soon, “Neonatal Care in the 21st Century”   £378.00 (GBP)    
Caring for Older People   £268.00 (GBP)    
Caring for People with Learning Disabilities   £268.00 (GBP)    
Child Day Care   £242.00 (GBP)    
Child Development   £242.00 (GBP)    
Child Psychology   £285.00 (GBP)    
Child Psychology - Advanced   £303.00 (GBP)    
Clinical Nutrition   £414.00 (GBP)    
Clinical Weight Control   £303.00 (GBP)    
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy   £362.00 (GBP)    
Comprehensive ICD-10 Medical Coding Training   £814.00 (GBP)    
Comprehensive Medical Coding and Billing   £1,249.0(GBP)    
Computer Basics for Healthcare Providers   £623.00 (GBP)    
Counselling Children and Adolescents   £353.00 (GBP)    
Counselling Skills   £222.00 (GBP)    
Counselling Skills - Advanced   £258.00 (GBP)    
Dental Office Assistant   £873.00 (GBP)    
Diabetes   £268.00 (GBP)    
Diet and Nutrition Advisor   £318.00 (GBP)    
Drug, Solvent & Alcohol Abuse Counselling   £268.00 (GBP)    
Exercise Physiology Course   £236.00 (GBP)    
Fitness Management   £251.00 (GBP)    
Grief and Bereavement Counselling   £168.00 (GBP)    
Hydrotherapy   £623.00 (GBP)    
Introduction to Psychology   £222.00 (GBP)    
Leadership Skills for Women   £623.00 (GBP)    
Lean Mastery for Healthcare   £982.00 (GBP)    
Learning and Social Work   £268.00 (GBP)    
Medical Office Management   £213.00 (GBP)    
Medical Terminology   £373.00 (GBP)    
Mental Health and Social Work   £268.00 (GBP)    
Music Production Using Logic   £626.00 (GBP)    
Nutrition for Children and Adolescents   £250.00 (GBP)    
Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma   £335.00 (GBP)    
Pharmacology and Pain Control Course   £236.00 (GBP)    
Professional Therapeutic Counselling   £304.00 (GBP)    
Psychotherapy   £258.00 (GBP)    
Reflexology   £353.00 (GBP)    
Social Work Competence In Practice   £268.00 (GBP)    
Social Work in Community Care   £268.00 (GBP)    
Social Work with Children and Families Course   £268.00 (GBP)    
Sports Injuries   £268.00 (GBP)    
Sports Psychology   £191.00 (GBP)    
Stem Cell Research: Frontier of Hope and Concern   £378.00 (GBP)    
Stress Management   £204.00 (GBP)    
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