Productivity Training


The Productivity Series has been specifically developed to provide a cost effective solution to the adoption of lean manufacturing within businesses and the NHS. The solution was originally developed to support a local initiative.

6S Productivity Suite  £75          View Course

5S Essentials  £45                   View Course

5S Productivity Suite  £75          View Course

Managing Attendance £165     View Course

Capacity and Demand £45          View Course

Process Flow Analysis (PFA)  £45             View Course

Managing Stress and Pressure £45          View Course

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) £45                               View Course

Problem Solving £45          View Course

Lean4Leaders £45            View Course

Visual Management £45          View Course

Continuous Improvement Techniques (Kaizen) £45                         View Course

Customer Excellence for Frontline Staff £45          View Course

Personalising and Assessing Need in Care and Support Planning £45                                                    View Course

Plain English £45           View Course

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