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Targeted at Early Years Settings, this drama based learning supports managers and supervisors through the introduction and development of staff supervisions.

The modules are structured to include a variety of interesting components, to help the student to retain interest and develop a full understanding of the subject.

Start by watching an episode of the drama and see Charlotte and her team on their hilarious but sometimes painful journey to success.

Revisit the key issues with the Expert Panel. Designed to ensure clarification for the student and pre-empt any questions they might have.

Reflect on the important learning points through thought provoking questions that are carefully written to encourage higher order thinking. We actually give you the answers, but some are more right than others.

Download the numerous handouts of examples and pro-formas to support your learning in a written form. They build into a comprehensive reference document for you to keep for evidence and to look at in the future.

Extend your learning via carefully selected internet links to other relevant websites. This will help develop the breadth of knowledge and underpin your learning.

And finally, work through the step by step guide to Practical Tasks. Having watched Charlotte and her team, it’s then over to you!


Lesson Plan


  • Module 1 looks at the response of the staff when they 'find out' about the introduction of regular supervisions. How do the staff feel, enthusiastic, or threatened? Change management is the hot topic here where we explore different responses to change and different behaviours.
  • Module 2 explores the reasons for undertaking supervisions. Is it the 'stick', being the threat of the Ofsted inspector, or is it the 'carrot' being the reward of doing it for the children? Could there be a third dimension - intrinsic motivation? We look at the legislation, vision and values and uniform standards.
  • Module 3 explores how to bring the team onboard to help, and consider three main documents - the policy, the record form and the agreement.
  • Module 4 looks at how it is possible to 'do supervisions' yet still have poor practice and ineffective management. We look at where supervisions fit in to performance management. What is leading good practice and how does that link in to supervisions too?
  • Module 5 looks at how it is possible to cover the important issues in an effective way - Getting it right. We see Charlotte the manager reflects on everything she has learned. Can she finally get it right?



On completion of this course you will be able to print a College certificate.


Please note that you will have 90 days in which to complete this course from the date you first login.


Target Audience

Individuals working within an Early Years Setting.

Entry Requirements


There are no specific entry requirements for this course.

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