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Course Title   Fee    
Biofuel Production Operations   £1,624    
Building Analyst Quick Start Program    £623    
Certified Global Business Professional   £1,562    
Certified Green Supply Chain Professional   £999    
Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager   £498    
Certified Indoor Environmentalist   £561    
Certified Microbial Investigator   £561    
Conservation   £285    
Ecology   £258    
Environmental Auditing and Reporting Course   £191    
Environmental Waste Management   £236    
Garden Design   £251    
Green Business & Sustainability Professional   £982    
Green IT - Information and Communications Technology for a Sustainable Future   £1,124    
Green Wedding Planning Certification   £939    
Horticulture   £268    
Natural Gas Plant Operations   £1,624    
Senior Certified Sustainability Professional (SCSP)   £1,904    
Sustainable Ecotecture and Environmental Development   £1,124    
Wind Energy Professional   £1,374    
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