Prove your competence with the ECS card


If you’re working in the Electrotechnical Industry you need to get your hands on an ECS card.


It’s now almost impossible to gain access to a construction site without proof of identification, your competence and qualification levels.

The ECS card solves this problem. ECS stands for Electrotechnical Certification Scheme - it’s the sole ID and competence card scheme for Electrotechnical operatives in the UK, and it’s recognised and endorsed by the industry.

Holding an ECS card means you can prove your identity, your qualified status and your occupation when working on-site.

It is affiliated to the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). So when people say that you need a CSCS card – this ECS card is the one that’s relevant to the Electrotechnical Industry.


What is the ECS H&S test?

◦It is compulsory to hold a current H&S qualification in order to apply for and be awarded with an ECS card.

◦The ECS H&S test is specifically designed to meet the H&S requirements of electrotechnical personnel. Those who successfully pass the ECS assessment will be awarded with an ECS H&S Certificate (valid for 2 years from the date of award), issued by the JIB or SJIB as appropriate, which can be used for the purpose of obtaining an ECS card only.

◦Applicants who already meet or exceed the required level of H&S knowledge due to existing (approved) qualifications held will be exempt from taking the ECS H&S Test. Such applicants will need to provide a copy of a current up-to-date qualification certificate showing that they hold one of the approved exemptions.


Card and Certificate Expiry

The Health & Safety Assessment Certificate is valid for 2 years, and an ECS card must be applied for within that time. Thereafter, the ECS card is valid for 3 years. A subsequent Health & Safety Assessment will need to be taken in order to renew the card at the end of this 3-year period.



About the ECS H&S assessment

◦The ECS H&S assessment consists of 40 multiple choice questions, randomly selected from a database of approximately 300.

◦'Closed book' assessment - no revision materials will be allowed into the exam room.

◦The candidate is allowed 30 minutes to complete the assessment.

◦The pass mark for the assessment is 85% i.e. 34 correct answers out of 40.



Preparation and revision

◦Candidates who book an ECS test will be sent a copy of the JIB and SJIB's Specimen ECS Question and Answer Book.

◦You can download an electronic version of the book here.



How do I book an ECS H&S test?

An ECS H&S test is available through the following providers:


           England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland


Paper-based assessment (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
These are provided by the ECA at various nationwide venues and an online assessment is also available at Sidcup only.

For this assessment, please:

Call the ECA H&S Assessment Administration team on:


Computer-based assessments are provided by UNITE the Union

◦> Visit the UNITE website
◦or call the Unite Eduction department 020 8462 7755 or email:


  For Enrollment and Course Information Please Contact

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