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In today’s global economy, training is a passport to success and upgrading skills is crucial to employability. At AICE, our Success Coaches help customers match their skills and interests with jobs that are currently in high demand.

Customers are interested in various programs, from high-tech to service-industry training. Specialized educational programs are in demand.

Be a partner with us to provide training opportunities that will lead to increased employment, retention and earnings and build the skilled workforce that local employer’s need.

AICE partnership programs enable organizations to invest in their people.

An Excelsior partnership gives individuals in your organization the ability to complete a degree by maximizing previously earned credit and providing:

  • High-quality academic programs.
  • Affordable tuition and fees, with extra discounts for partner organizations.
  • A flexible, adult-oriented learning model.
  • An institution with generous credit-transfer policies that recognize the value of your past education and experience.


Our biggest goal is to add value to our Partner.


Whether you have a great idea towards our main goal or you think that your company and AICE would benefit from a close partnership, send us your ideas or proposal.


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